PHOENIX — Dolphinaris Arizona, just outside of Scottsdale, is temporarily closing while outside experts reevaluate “all aspects of animal welfare at the facility," the facility announced Tuesday. 

During the closure, an outside panel of veterinarians, pathologists, water quality experts and animal behavior specialists will investigate the potential factors that may have contributed to the deaths of four dolphins since the facility opened in October 2016.

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Meanwhile, two of the four remaining dolphins at the attraction on loan from Dolphin Quest will return to Dolphin Quest.

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The two other dolphins will be transferred to another U.S. facility during the evaluation.

Dolphinaris did not say how long the voluntary closure would last.

The sign has been taken off the building and Dolphinaris said they want to avoid confusion.

"Dolphinaris took down their signs to avoid confusion. They are closed now, but we're still having people coming in wanting to schedule an experience with the dolphins."

While a dolphin advocate said it was a bad idea to bring the animals to the desert.