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Neighbors spring into action when coyote carries off dog

Video from one of the neighbors shows the coyote running down the street with the dog in its mouth as a neighbor chases after it.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A woman is relieved to have her 9-year-old Pomeranian back after it was attacked by a coyote in the backyard when she wasn't home. The insane video captured by a neighbor shows the animal running down the street with the small dog in its mouth.

Owner Jennifer Hutsko told us she is so happy to have Chloe back home out of harm's way after that coyote dragged it all the way to a neighborhood park.

"The video that you see, she looks like a ragdoll. She was limp and I think all of her fur saved her," Hutsko told 12 News.

Along with her thick coat, some quick-thinking neighbors came to Chloe's rescue. They happened to be holding a memorial for a different dog that was also attacked by a coyote roaming the streets near 60th Street and Greenway Road.

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"One of the guys saw the car honking its horn, chasing after the coyote, coming down the street. He took off after the coyote, sprinted after the coyote and by some sheer miracle, the coyote dropped Chloe," she said.

Chloe is just one of three of Hutsko's Pomeranians. The former champion show dog only suffered minor injuries to her paw and is currently doing OK.

"For the three dogs now, since the attack, the two – Chloe and Dory – they go in their cages, and the puppy, Truffle, she goes into a pen," she said.

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Prior to the attack in September, the pups had free reign of the dog door and the backyard, but Hutsko doesn't trust the hungry wildlife.

"I'm going to probably put in a dog run, with a cover, so that way the owls, the hawks, the coyotes, they can't get in touch with any of my pets," she said.

She said neighbors in the area recommend a horn or even bear spray to ward off wildlife. And, of course, keep your pets on a leash just to be safe if you're walking them in the neighborhood.

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