New documents filed this week in the I-10 shooting case include a transcript of suspect Leslie Merritt Jr.'s interview with police shortly after being arrested.

Merritt is charged in connection with four of the 11 freeway shootings from 2015.

The documents were filed in response to Merritt's attorney's motion to remand the case back the Grand Jury.

In the transcript, Merritt never waivers from his claim of innocence. At the beginning of the interview he asks if he was arrested because of a traffic citation. 

Detectives tell him he's there in connection with the freeway shooting case, and that they have video showing Merritt's car on the freeway, taken from ADOT freeway cameras. 

The documents do not include any information about whether that claim was true, but investigators use it to press Merritt to confess. 

"I know what happened," one detective said, "I just don't know why."

Merritt repeatedly tells investigators he did not fire his gun on the freeway, but can't explain why ballistics tests link his gun to the shootings. 

The documents also include investigators' notes taken while monitoring Merritt's phone calls in jail. Those notes show Merritt asked his girlfriend to delete his Facebook page, especially "all the guns and all the gun rights stuff."

Merritt's girlfriend apparently refuses, saying Merritt's lawyer advised against it.