PHOENIX - The outcry over the steep prices for an EpiPen has prompted some in the Phoenix area to put their own medication up for sale with a price tag that's hundreds of dollars cheaper than the manufacturer's.

A handful of sellers are offering EpiPens for anywhere between $100 and $200, which may seem like a bargain compared to the $600 listed cost, but a Valley doctor warned that purchasing one could be dangerous.

"If you do not get your EpiPens from a licensed professional, it is fraud," said Dr. Andrew Carroll, a physician at the Renaissance Medical Group in Chandler. "It’s illegal. You’re never supposed to transfer from one person to another person, ever."

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12 News called one of the sellers, who claimed he put his medication up for sale at a discounted price to help out someone who may not be able to afford it.

"If I can pass it forward to someone who actually needs it, like a child or an adult, you know, I don’t need them," the seller said.

Dr. Carroll warns that if a drug doesn't come from a pharmacist or a doctor, the user is taking a risk with what they're taking.

"The potential consequences are maybe this didn’t come from the United States," he said. "Maybe this is a Chinese mockup. Maybe they’re giving you something that’s already used and not effective."

If the user were to have a serious medical complication or even death, Dr. Carroll said the seller may be liable for any criminal charges.