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Documents detail investigation into suspect accused of shooting, killing 10-year-old girl in Phoenix road-rage incident

Joshua Gonzalez has been charged with the murder of 10-year old Summer Bell, after following the family home when they pulled in front of him.

PHOENIX — Documents obtained by 12 News shed light on the investigation that led up to the arrest of 20-year old Joshua Gonzalez for the shooting of a 10-year-old girl in Phoenix earlier this year.

Summer Bell lost her life after what was described as a road-rage incident. 

According to documents, Bell was shot and killed after the vehicle she was in pulled in front of a white pickup truck in April. 

The driver of the truck followed the family of four — a father, mother and two daughters — two blocks to their home near 39th Avenue and Roosevelt Street and opened fire, killing Summer and injuring her father. 

Police arrested Joshua Gonzalez on April 5, the next day, for the murder. 

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Documents show coworkers and those who lived with Gonzalez were suspicious after seeing a photo of the truck released by police. 

The driver also was wearing a long-sleeve orange shirt, which is part of Gonzalez's work uniform, according to documents. 

For a year before the shooting, documents said Gonzalez lived with his fiance and his future in-laws. 

Documents show suspicion from the in-laws after seeing the photo of the truck released online. 

The documents include a confrontation between Gonzalez's future brother-in-law and Gonzalez after Gonzalez asked to borrow the man's tires. 

According to documents, the future brother in law asked Gonzalez point blank if he killed a 10-year-old kid. 

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Police also revealed what could be seen as suspicious activity by Gonzalez. 

The day after the shooting death of Summer, Gonzalez would take his future father in law's Audi to work instead of his truck. 

Police said Gonzalez left work shortly after the news bulletin went out and was seen by undercover police changing the rims and tires of his truck, while washing off signs of dirt. 

In police interviews, Gonzalez would deny any wrongdoing. 

When police found at his home a gun and ammunition that matched the bullets used to shoot Summer, the documents state Gonzalez went silent and stared at the floor. 

The next hearing is set to take place on Sept. 9. 

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