PHOENIX — Police are still searching for answers in the death of Jaelynn Alston. 

The 18-year-old's body was found in a Phoenix industrial building last week with injuries on several parts of her body. 

Jaelynn's father, Jimmie Alston, told 12 News his family is heartbroken. He's desperately pleading for anyone with information about her death to come forward. 

"Think about your little girl. That could have been your little girl," he said. 

Jimmie said Jaelynn was his youngest child. With her whole life ahead of her, she wanted to be a nurse.

PREVIOUSLY: An 18-year-old woman was missing for a week. Then a cleaning crew found her body in a Phoenix office building

“She was the entertainment in the family. She always had a smile. She wasn’t afraid of nothing. She believed she could do anything. And she was a beautiful young lady," he said. 

Jimmie last saw his daughter on January 1. 

He said she would always check in with him. But after not hearing from her and seeing her social media pages go quiet, he reported her missing to police on January 9. 

Then, one week later, a cleaning crew noticed a strong smell coming from an industrial building near 43rd Avenue and Indian School Road. 

That's when police found Jaelynn's body. They immediately realized her death was suspicious.  

Investigators said the body had been left there for several days. 

Although they say it appeared she fought for her life, the injuries on multiple parts of her body were too extensive in the end. 

"It's been rough. You have somebody that's been in your life for 18 years," Jimmie said. "You've seen them from a baby all the way to 18 years and just like that, especially in the manner of how she got killed. It makes it kind of hard. You don't wish that on nobody."

As the grieving father is left planning his daughter's funeral, he wants answers. 

And he has a desperate plea to the public. 

"If y'all know who did this to our baby girl, please let the officers know. Let someone know, please. We're asking with all our heart. That was our baby," he said. 

Jaelynn's father said his daughter never hung out in the area where her body was found, and he doesn't know why someone would want to hurt her. 

Police said they have surveillance video from the building and have identified a person of interest, but they still haven't been able to find him.

Investigators have note publicly identified the person of interest. 


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