PHOENIX - In the world of cosplay you never know who is under that unique costume -- unless they're 6-foot-6 and stand out anywhere they go without really wanting to.

Bennett Densmore is that individual.

Densmore loves Halloween and continuously ran into issues when it came to costumes. So he did the next best thing -- he started making his own.

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Soon, people saw his work and decided to ask for certain designs, looks and sizes. What started as a passion and hobby turned into a small business for Densmore.

"Making the costume is hard work, there is a lot of trial and error involved," Densmore said. "It's time consuming and irritating to repeat steps over and over, but the overall result is always rewarding."

The kicks he gets from seeing a person's face once they recognized the suit is one of the best rewards for Bennett.

During the recession homemade costumes became the norm due to the financial situations many families faced. Now, things are more stable for many and these customized costumes are becoming more and more popular.

"People like the costumes that not everyone has, and the attention to detail is what they really, really like," Densmore said.

You can see even more pictures of his creations on his Facebook page.