Don't os-stretch yourself too thin this weekend. There's no shortage of things to do.

Big, small, somewhere in between, there’s a little something for everyone, which is keeping Megan Trummel at Visit Phoenix busy.

Her job is to market the Valley as a destination for would-be visitors.

"Every weekend for us is really special," she said.

But this one’s a little extra special, and might just be the busiest weekend of the year for the Valley. From festivals and concerts to baseball and racing there's, as Trummel says, “endless possibilities here in March.”

So what’s going on THIS weekend?

Spring training is in full swing (pun intended)

• "The Piano Man" will take the stage at Chase Field

• The engines are revving at ISM Raceway NASCAR

• The Ostrich Festival

• The Tater Tot Festival

Pareda Del Sol Rodeo

Trummel said this time of year is a “high season” when it comes to tourism in Phoenix.

“I think everybody who lives here can see that,” she said.

The only credible study on increase in winter population is from 10 years ago. ASU researchers said the Phoenix area grows by more than 300,000 people in the winter - roughly the size of St. Louis.

"We like having the sporting events whether it's NASCAR or anything else that's coming to town and certainly a big concert like this definitely fills the calendar," Trummel said.

A full calendar indeed, which is all great, until you actually try to get to one of these places. Then you end up on a freeway that looks more like a parking lot.

Seriously though, when did Phoenix become Los Angeles?