PHOENIX- After a raging fire destroyed a Safeway store on Wednesday night, the people who live in that neighborhood are sharing growing concerns on how and where to get their groceries.

For Cynthia Samuels, the corner Safeway was right next door to her apartment complex and she visited several times a day.

“I don’t have transportation, getting on the bus and the bus can be crowded, I don’t like that. That’s why this is convenient,” said Samuels.

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An even bigger concern for Cynthia is that she doesn’t know how she’s supposed to watch her granddaughter and carry her groceries on a public bus.

“Half the time, I can’t hold them. See, I’m crippled,” said Samuels as she demonstrated her hands.

The Safeway was perfect for Daniel Bloom, a sign holder at the corner of 35th and Northern avenues for more than a decade.

“It’s really unfortunate for the community, and not to mention the bank that was inside the Safeway,” said Bloom. “I hope they re-build! You know,” he added.

Safeway says there is no decision yet on whether they will re-build the store or not.

But they do say they’re exploring different options to help those in need who heavily relied on that store.

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