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Comedian Heather McDonald out of the hospital after collapsing during performance at Tempe Improv

McDonald was about three minutes into her first show of the evening when she fell on-stage.

PHOENIX — Celebrity comedian Heather McDonald is out of a Valley hospital now after collapsing during her show in Tempe Saturday night

ORIGINAL STORY: Celebrity comedian Heather McDonald fractured skull after collapsing at Tempe show

McDonald said she was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital over the weekend as they ran tests to figure out what happened when she fell about three minutes into her act at Tempe Improv. Ultimately, McDonald said they don’t really know why she collapsed. 

“I was starting to feel like, dizzy, weird, and I was like, ‘Wow, this better pass soon. I don't know how I'm gonna power through this hour and 10 minutes of material.’ And that's kind of the last thing I remember,” McDonald said. 

McDonald was performing the first of two scheduled shows Saturday when she said she was talking about how she was vaccinated against COVID-19 and boosted, as well as has her flu shot – setting up for more material about things people have experienced with COVID. 

“I'm impressed that like, my whole card is filled up and like, you know, and I got the shingles shot. And I said, ‘And I've never had COVID. So clearly, Jesus loves me the most.’ And then I went, Oh, and then I fell over,” McDonald said. 

McDonald’s management said she suffered a skull fracture as a result of the fall Saturday, saying she had not had alcohol and does not have COVID. 

“I didn't do it for publicity, I would not give up two practically sold-out shows with meet and greets, and send people home for publicity,” McDonald said. “I would not hit my head like that. And I definitely wasn't drunk.” 

McDonald, who hosts a comedy podcast titled “Juicy Scoop,” said she often travels alone for shows. However, her son and sister-in-law who are living in the Valley, were both in attendance Saturday. 

“I’m just extremely grateful – and I’m grateful that I went to the hospital I went to,” McDonald said. 

McDonald said while she was at St. Joseph’s hospital she was tested to try and figure out what happened. She said she may have been dehydrated or not eaten enough food close enough to the show, but doctors don’t have a clear answer. 

McDonald said she continues to feel more confident every day, and just needs to take it carefully as she continues to recover from hitting her head. 

“I did come out to Cardi B’s ‘WAP’, and I did like a booty drop,” McDonald said. “And the doctor said like, ‘Did you go down and get up really fast?’ and I’m like, ‘Actually, I kind of did.’” 

The two shows for the evening had to be canceled because of her fall, McDonald said it’s something she’s never had to do. McDonald said the shows she wanted to perform were on her mind. 

“I love the club, Tempe Improv. I love that crowd there. And I was just like, excited to do it. So like throughout the night of being in the ICU, I kept thinking, ‘Oh, and I don't get to tell them this. And I go, don't get to tell them that, I was so excited to do this.’,” McDonald said. 

McDonald said she is hoping to reschedule the shows that were canceled.

“Never in my life would I think that something like that would happen on stage ever,” McDonald said.

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