AVONDALE, Ariz. - A massive column of smoke was visible over the West Valley early Wednesday morning as an SRP transformer caught fire and burned near 119th Avenue and Broadway.

Officials with SRP said the fire broke out at the Rudd substation early in the morning.

WATCH: Witnesses recount flames and smoke

"[I heard] an overpowering kind of a warp sound," said Matthew Fraser, who lives near the Rudd substation. "And then just a pop."

Officials said there were no power outages caused by the fire.

About 27,000 gallons of mineral oil, used to cool the transformer, is what burned and spewed the thick smoke.

"When and if one of these types of facilities breaks or fails, we can have a big fire associated with it," said Scott Harelson of SRP. "Mineral oil burns heavily and very fast."

Division Chief Ben Avitia of Avondale Fire & Medial said the fumes from the mineral oil fire were not enough to cause concern over air quality or prompt evacuations, but it's a difficult fire to douse.

"If there is any heat still available ... it will reignite very quickly, so it has to be a managed plan," said Avitia. "Sometimes we just have to left it burn out."

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The substation is not directly related to supplying power to homes or business. No customers were without power, and Harelson said SRP customers should be able to use air conditioning systems in their home with no problem, even during the scorching temperatures forecasted for the weekend.