SURPRISE, Ariz. — The City of Surprise announced it will temporarily stop recycling until they find cost-effective solutions to continue with their recycling program.

Starting Monday, Aug. 19, the city will divert recyclable materials to the landfills, the city said.

Surprise started recycling in 2003, but the city said since Dec. 2017 the growing expenses got to the point to which they can not sustain the program. They said the program cost $215,000.

On a press release, the city said, it “encourages customers to continue practicing positive recycling behaviors by only putting clean plastic bottles, cardboard, paper and aluminum cans in the blue recycling container.”

Residents can continue to place the blue container on the curbside the day of the scheduled garbage pickup, the city said the one garbage truck will come by homes pick up both the black and blue containers until further notice.

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The city also announced its recycling drop-off location at 13430 W. Westgate Drive, near Bell Road and U.S. 60 will be closing.

On the other hand, the city’s recycling program, including education and inspection will continue to operate “as part of the city’s commitment to environmental sustainability,” said the release.

“While we evaluate cost-effective solutions, we want residents to continue the practice of placing the correct recycling items in the blue bin, so that when we find a solution people will have never changed their habit of separating recyclables from trash,” says Public Works Director Mike Gent.

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