The City of Phoenix announced on Monday that they are suing the Federal Aviation Administration over aircraft noise following the 2014 flight path changes.

The city sent out a release Monday afternoon detailing the suit saying that the "FAA's actions have caused the community extreme discomfort with many unable to sleep at night or pursue normal daily activities." The suit also claims that the FAA withheld information and ignored solutions to the noise issue.

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The FAA changed Phoenix flight paths eight months ago and the City of Phoenix and residents have tried to find ways to reduce residential noise but the FAA claims that the new paths increase safety and provide fuel savings.

Last week the FAA and airlines met to discuss options but a letter released Monday from FAA Regional Administrator Glen Martin said that no changes will be made to provide noise relief.

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According to the suit, the City of Phoenix doesn't regulate flight paths but say they have offered multiple alternative solutions that would reduce noise while retaining the fuel savings.