CHANDLER, Ariz. - A Chandler woman received 34 staples to her head after after two pit bulls attacked her and her dog during an early-morning walk.

Last Monday, Krista Hickman and her dog, Rainier, were walking in a neighborhood park near Pecos and Cooper roads when they came face-to-face with two leashed pit bulls and their owner.

"The nearest pit bull latched on to (Rainier)," said Clint Hickman, Krista's husband. "They were unable to stop the fight, so my wife jumps in and puts her hand in the dog’s mouth."

Krista was bit on her hand and the second dog clamped down on her skull – ripping a six-by-six-inch piece of skin off her head.

"They needed 34 staples to ring around and close it," Hickman told 12 News.

Rainier -- who the family says is not aggressive -- sustained several lacerations and now has drainage tubs hanging from his face.

Both dog and owner are expected to recover. Hickman says his wife will need to visit a plastic surgeon to ensure her wounds will heal correctly.

Amid the chaos, Hickman said his wife neglected to get the contact information for the other dog owner and instead chose to seek medical attention.

The couple posted fliers throughout their neighborhood asking for information, but so far it's been unsuccessful.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control tells 12 News they’ve identified the owner and both dogs are licensed and rabies vaccinated. They’re now under an in-home quarantine.

The owners were also not issued any citations.