CHANDLER, Ariz. - The norm at a college campus is that the students come in and learn from their instructors. For Curran Vinson, it wasn’t so simple.

Vinson is a 48-year-old college student at Chandler Gilbert Community College, he has four of his own children attending college as well. But that doesn’t seem to faze him.

“I moved to the Valley after some opportunities popped up for us,” said Vinson. “Journalism and communication has always been intriguing to me.”

Vinson came to school and quickly ran into an issue where his fellow classmates were unfamiliar, to say the least, with the democratic voting process, They voted without being informed and some didn’t even vote at all.

“I was getting answers to certain questions that would make me question their answers and I had to look these things up to find out the truth.” Vinson said, “People were just going by what they had heard, voting both at a local level and beyond.”

So he took an idea to Michael Greene, the university’s director of student life. It was then that Project 3D was created.

“It is important to know that Chandler Gilbert Community College has always been on top of the democratic voting process, and students respond well to their peers more than to their instructors, so Project 3D made sense.” said Greene.

Project 3D stands for “diligent, dynamic and determined,” and it is a series of free forums that is not just open to the students -- it's also open to the general public.

Some of the topics include immigration, social justice and voting.

To get all the details on the program, email or call 480-732-7150.