Warning: This story contains graphic content.

Staff members at a Chandler childcare center have been fired after bringing a sex toy to the center and sharing video of themselves and children with the toy on social media.

According to SuperKids day care center, the incident happened Monday and the teachers involved have been terminated.

The video is startling -- including a staff member handing the plastic phallic sex toy to a child, as well as a staff member simulating masturbation with the toy, in front of young children.

"That could be my kid and if it was, I would probably be in handcuffs right now, not talking to you guys." SuperKids parent Raina Lee said.

A statement from SuperKids said the staff had acted inappropriately but did not go into detail about the acts:

It has been brought to our attention that some teachers behaved inappropriately yesterday at our child care center. We immediately contacted the police and state authorities about this incident. Police are currently investigating the incident and we will fully cooperate with them. We are in the process of informing the parents about the incident. The teachers involved in this incident have been terminated effective immediately.

We will take appropriate measures that this type of incident won’t happen again in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank You,

SuperKids Management

Lee thought the firings weren't enough, suggesting police step in.

"They should definitely go to jail and be prosecuted," she said. "That's sad the kid is in the video, all over the internet."

Michelle Henry, a SuperKids grandparent, agreed that there need to be harsh repercussions for the staff members.

"These are young kids, and I think they need to be brought up on charges. I do, I do," she said. "I am livid."

Police are investigating the incident to see if there is more that should be done.