The Valley is buzzing right now. Just a simple walk through your neighborhood will likely give you all the proof you need. The bees are out in full force. If you're like me, it's no big deal to see a busy bee by itself on a flower. It's when the bees gather together in big groups that I start to get nervous.

Cave Creek resident Iris Spector came home one afternoon to a swarm of thousands near her front door. After calling a different company and paying a good chunk of money with no results, Spector decided to call Queen B Pest Control to get rid of those bees. She was so pleased with how they treated her, she wanted to share her story as part of our Call 12 All Star series, celebrating individuals and businesses offering fantastic customer service in the Valley.

"They came out immediately," said Spector in an email. "They said the previous company hadn't done what they said. Also, there was no hive in my roof. They sprayed, put strips, closed the opening and weren't even going to charge me, because the other company had charged me $200 for nothing. I insisted on paying them."

She has been bee-free since then and just can't say enough about the company that finally helped make it happen.

"The people at Queen B Pest Control were everything we homeowners hope to find in a company," said Spector. "I have told everyone about their great and honest work."

For taking bee problems seriously and making sure your customers feel safe again in their homes, Queen B Pest Control, you all deserve a hive five! (Sorry, I just couldn't pass up a good bee pun.) You are Call 12 All Stars!

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