Wednesday was a big day in the Valley as locals and tourists alike take to the Waste Management Golf Tournament.

With the big-time event in town, big-name acts like Flo Rida and Cheat Codes performed at the Birds Nest. Scottsdale police and fire officials said that people attending should use caution when it comes to the weather and alcohol consumption.

The Scottsdale Police Department said officers arrested a 24-year old who’s now facing multiple charges after streaking across the 17th green. Meanwhile, the rest of the crowd enjoyed the musical part of the event. It’s been nothing but a big party out here as spectators have food, drinks and enjoy tons of live music.

“It’s a way to market to different crowds and just show people that we know how to party and have a good time and put on a great event,” Tina Peterson with El Hefe said.

She says from burgers to beer, they’re ready for the weekend.

“We’re El Hefe so we’re a big party atmosphere, so we really fit into the scene and all the bands that come in and DJs,” she added.

Bands include Kelley James, Cheat Codes and the one and only Flo Rida. Right next to all that entertainment is the Jameson VIP tent where Open regulars flock for refreshments and quite a few adult beverages but word to the wise from Scottsdale PD, don’t drink and drive.

“We have a DUI task force out in force so those that choose to drink please use a cab, Uber or Lyft or sober ride home so a disaster doesn’t happen or some bad accident,” Sgt. Ben Hoster said.

Scottsdale fire officials also made sure safety is a priority and is prepared to handle emergency situations.

“Same equipment as you’ll see on an engine, gear -- we can treat a heart attack and we’ve also got bike units that can access the crowd,” Cpt. Dave Folio said.

The fun runs through Sunday with more big name bands like OneRepublic, Nelly, DJ Vice, Zedd, Chris Lane and Florida Georgia Line.