DOUGLAS, Ariz. — There’s a new policy in place for students at Douglas High School in southeastern Arizona. The school posted on Facebook that students are no longer allowed to bring standard backpacks to campus. Instead, clear backpacks, bags and totes are being mandated. 

Parents we spoke to here in the Valley are torn on whether this is an invasion of privacy or better protection for the students as well as the staff.

"The measurement is a little too far. I think so," Bernadette Grimes told 12 News.

Meanwhile, moms like Stephanie Reger agree with the district that it's safer for the kids.

"I think it's a protection for students," Reger said.

The ban went into place mid-semester, and parents admit the measure is a good concept to protect students but add that precautionary steps are already in place to check backpacks at some schools.

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"Kids carry their backpacks from classroom to classroom, a lot of places where they don't have lockers anymore, but at the same time most schools are already being monitored," Grimes added.

Grimes, a mother of two, told 12 News that clear backpacks, totes and Ziplocks should be a last resort. 

"My son, for example, he goes to Salt River High School, and so their security is there all the time. Even though their bags are black, they open them. They look through them every day," she said.

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Reger, on the other hand, said the new guidelines at that school district are fitting for this day and age.

"Just so they don't bring any weapons or drugs. I feel like the generation nowadays, the kids are into taking drugs and pills and whatnot, so I think it's good," she said.

Douglas High School officials said on Facebook the decision was made for the "safety of our students."

Update on DHS Bag Policy Attention: Clear backpacks in addition to the approved DHS bag policy will be allowed on Monday, October 21st. Any item that does not meet approved criteria shall be confiscated and returned at the end of the day. Students may carry binders, trapper keepers, and school related items as well.