TEMPE, Ariz - Inside the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University, there's a simple sign with a powerful message.

"It gives me great comfort that people are getting together to show we don't want to create a hostile environment regardless of what happened," ASU student Felix Estrada said.

"I think they're standing for anyone who has felt alone or forgotten because of religion or race," Jamielee Richardson said. "Everyone deserves to be recognized."

Nineteen words in black and white, Letting ASU students -- all ASU students -- know they are welcome.

"The goal is to give a visual and social reminder that we value diversity in this classroom and not to forget it," ASU honors faculty fellow Mathew Sandoval said.

The signs which read in part:

Dear __________ Students,

You will not be dishonored, derided or stereotyped.

You are integral to our intellectual community.

Sandoval posted the signs as a means to ease fears after the November presidential election.

"We are existing in a time where it's very east to forget or devolve into not valuing those things," he explained.

Sandoval's students embraced the lesson, too. Adding their own signs and letting it be known that hatred is not welcome at ASU.

After a week of uncertainty, these simple welcome signs are speaking volumes.

"I was fearful afterwards and when I came back to school, I felt it wasn't OK to talk about it," Richardson said. "It's nice to know this is a safe place to feel those things. That it was OK."