PHOENIX - A group of eight Valley residents are back home after days of being stranded in Puerto Rico. The island was ripped apart by Hurricane Maria, leaving behind devastation and thousands of tourists with no way to get out.

"It’s just a complete, utter mess over there," said Jason Cranston, one of the Arizonans who finally made their way home on Thursday.

"I don’t think people really see the scope of damage. There’s some areas that are just completely wiped out," said Joseph Ragsdale, part of the same group of Valley residents.

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The group of close friends was on a yearly vacation and unaware when they arrived that a major hurricane was headed their way. Flights were soon canceled and they were stranded.

"We were definitely afraid," said Tahnie Taylor, who was just glad to see her baby boys.

Taylor and her friend say it’s thanks to the Puerto Ricans on the island they were able to find food and shelter after the storm.

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"They really just looked over us until we could get back to our families," said Taylor.

While these Valley residents made it home, Puerto Rico is still in major need of help. Thousands of families are still in dire need of basic essentials.

"Puerto Rico needs a lot of help! I can’t stress that enough," said Cranston.

A local group of Puerto Ricans are collecting donations. For more information visit their Facebook page.