PHOENIX — Rumors flew again this week about President Trump visiting Arizona ahead of the November mid-term election.

12 News contacted the White House and President Trump’s campaign office but hadn’t received an answer by Thursday night.

The president is not stranger to the Valley or the welcomes he receives—from cheers of support to passionate protests.

Folks from the Phoenix Convention Center told 12 News they hadn’t heard from the Trump campaign.

Phoenix may be a risky choice.

In September, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against the City of Phoenix, its chief of police and some of its officers for what it called, “unlawful and excessive force,” against anti-Trump protestors during the President’s August 2017 downtown Phoenix rally.

We’ve learned the president’s campaign office had its eye on the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, but the fried foods and carnival rides called dibs first since the Arizona State Fair was in full swing in October.

President Trump has been to the Prescott Valley Arena and in a hangar at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport for rallies, but management at both venues said they’ve heard nothing about the president heading their way.