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Arizona seeks to revoke Hacienda facility's license after maggots found under patient's bandage

ADHS issued a notice of intent to revoke Hacienda's license after maggots were found under a bandage covering a patient's surgical incision earlier this week.

PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Health Services issued a notice of intent to revoke the license of a Hacienda Healthcare facility in Phoenix after maggots were found under a patient’s bandage.

Earlier this week, a 28-year-old resident at the intermediate care facility for people with intellectual disabilities was found to have several maggots beneath his gauze bandage covering a surgical incision, a spokesperson for Hacienda said.

Hacienda said the patient was immediately taken to a local hospital for treatment once the maggots were discovered, and every other Hacienda resident with an incision was given a thorough physical.

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No other residents at the facility were similarly impacted, Hacienda said.

The Hacienda spokesperson said the maggots may have come from flies that came indoors and laid eggs.

ADHS said its investigation revealed inadequate patient care at the facility. The department said it issued a notice of its intent to revoke the license it granted to Hacienda in April. 

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In an ADHS statement sent Friday night, health officials said the notice of intent to revoke does not mean the facility must immediately shut down. 

"The Notice of Intent to Revoke allows for the Department to have increased accountability and oversight of the facility and does not mean Hacienda must immediately shut down. ADHS will continue to work with the Hacienda ICF-IID to ensure there is no interruption of services. The Notice does not impact other facilities managed by Hacienda Healthcare, Inc.

While this action is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the residents at Hacienda, ADHS understands this may cause concern to the families with loved ones at the Hacienda ICF-IID as this is the only home many of the patients have known. ADHS staff will be on site at the Hacienda ICF-IID and working with other state agencies to make sure that patients and families are receiving the quality and compassionate care they deserve.

The health and safety of the residents of the Hacienda ICF-IID remain a top priority of ADHS. The State’s goal is to ensure they continue to live in a safe environment and maintain the continuity of care for these vulnerable residents."

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, which contracts with   Hacienda to care for patients whoa are intellectually disabled and could remove the patients if it chooses, sent the following statement Saturday morning:

"AHCCCS is working closely with DHS and DES to take swift action to ensure the health and safety of the members in the ICF-IID.

We are assessing all options to determine a course of action that is in the best interest of, and in line with the wishes of, members and their families. We will consider all aspects of each individual's complex physical, emotional, and behavioral health needs."

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