PHOENIX - Maybe it’s the heat but a new study found Phoenix has the most aggressive drivers in the nation.

The study looked at both highways and city roads and the Valley of the Sun was found to have the most aggressive drivers in both.

“I feel like it’s not the natives -- I feel like it's everyone else from other places,” said Keelyn Dibrell, “That’s crazy.”

The study, which collected metrics for drivers in U.S. cities calculated aggression by how hard people accelerate, brake and change speed overall.

The site says speeding was not considered.

While many people we spoke with thought a city in California would take the top spot, when it came to highways, San Diego came in second and Los Angeles came in third.

So, which city has the least aggressive drivers?

According to the study, it’s Honolulu.

Local driver Steve Bennett couldn’t deny that.

"When we were in Honolulu, we were the most aggressive,” Bennett said. “So probably normal people there are pretty mellow.”