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'I think he just jacked our packages': Family confused after man dressed as Amazon delivery driver takes packages from their porch

A man wearing an Amazon driver's vest apparently stole two packages from a Phoenix woman's front porch.

PHOENIX — Amber Hoffert didn't order anything from Amazon, but she did have two other deliveries coming to her home. 

But there it was on her security camera -- the Amazon logo on the back of a vest, worn by a man at her front door.

The man walked off with two packages from her porch, one from FedEx and one from a food delivery service. 

“My husband texted me while I was at work and said, 'did you order anything from Amazon? I think he just jacked our packages,'" Hoffert said.

Hoffert said they weren't Amazon deliveries, so it couldn't have been a delivery driver who dropped off packages at the wrong house. 

"And we went back and started reviewing our security footage and, lo and behold, some guy pulled up into our driveway wearing an Amazon vest," Hoffert said. 

Even though the cameras are in plain sight, the man doesn't take any measures to cover his face. And the camera by the garage caught the make and model of his car. 

But what Hoffert doesn't know is whether the man really works for Amazon or if he just had an Amazon vest. 

Amazon said that they're looking into the incident. 

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