Update: Since this story aired a good Samaritan painted over the graffiti. 

An Ahwatukee woman said she feels she was targeted because of her nativity scene after graffiti reading "God Is Gay" was scrawled on her home.

Bertha Gibson, who owns the home, said the vandalism happened late Wednesday or early Thursday. 

But she said she is not down to whoever did this -- and the Nativity scene is staying up.

"(I feel) definitely violated, but I refuse to take down my nativity scene," Gibson said. 

Gibson said she woke up to a neighbor knocking on her door, alerting her to the graffiti on her garage door.

"Sometime between 9 o’clock last evening and 5 o’clock this morning someone spray-painted 'God Is Gay," she said. 

Bertha and her husband Ted think the graffiti was in retaliation to the Nativity scene on their front yard.

The couple has been putting it up at their Ahwatukee home for the past several years.

"This is the third year and we’ve never had any trouble," said Gibson.

The couple does have security camera, but they didn’t capture the vandals. They are putting up another camera tonight. She also reported it to police.

Gibson said this incident hasn’t shaken her faith in people, she just hopes they don’t do it again.

"I’ve had many people today stop by and say, 'Please don’t take it down,'" Gibson said. 

"From the day I put it up, I had people stopping and saying thank you."

Gibson said the damage is estimated to cost between $400 and $500 to be fixed.