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ADOT feed video shows moments after Dion Johnson was shot by DPS Trooper

None of the shooting was captured on video but the moments after Johnson was shot were caught on camera.

PHOENIX - One of the names at the center of protests in Phoenix is Dion Johnson, who was shot and killed by a DPS Trooper on Memorial Day.

Phoenix Police, leading the investigation, says the responding trooper found Dion Johnson passed out in his car, blocking part of the road near Loop 101 and Tatum. They say the trooper smelled alcohol and saw open containers inside the car and also saw a gun.

Police say the trooper removed the gun and came back to arrest Johnson.  At that point, police say Johnson grabbed at the trooper through the car window and the Trooper pulled his gun, fearing he might get pushed into traffic.

Police say Johnson started to comply, but when the trooper went to put his gun away, Johnson grabbed at it and the Trooper fired at Johnson.

"Why would you do this to my son?" 

Erma Johnson is still reeling from her son's death as his family starts to piece together how he died.

"I'm devastated," she says.

None of the shooting was captured on video. The responding troopers did not have body cameras or dash cameras. DPS does not issue any body-worn cameras to troopers, but funding for cameras is in next year's budget proposal.

But the moments after Johnson was shot were captured on camera, while he is on the ground.

"What you see in the video is Dion Johnson, on the ground, handcuffed and suffering," says Jocquese Blackwell, Jonson's family attorney.

This video from an ADOT feed recorded by another news outlet appears to show Dion on the ground, restrained and moving after he was shot.

"He was trying to get up," Erma says. "My son was fighting for his life."

Then, the video appears to show a trooper trying to apply aid while an ambulance stages nearby for at least two minutes.

"They stay there," Erma tells. "Instead of going to the aid of my son."

Phoenix Police tell us they're still investigating what happened in these moments, but says, in general, a scene needs to be cleared by law enforcement before other first responders can go in.

"Those precious moments should have been used to save Dion's life," Blackwell says.

In a press conference with state leaders Thursday afternoon, DPS Col. Heston Silbert says he saw the ADOT video, but can’t speak to all of the timelines.

"The trooper involved in the shooting immediately notified he was in a shooting and literally within milliseconds of that was requesting the fire dept for medical aid," Col. Silbert says. "I can’t answer you any period of time for fire to roll in."

Dion Johnson also has a felony record.  It's not clear if the responding Trooper knew that history, but Dion's family says that shouldn't have had any bearing on what happened Memorial Day.

Investigators have not released the names of the troopers involved.

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