PHOENIX – Just do the math. Valentine's Day was just over 38 weeks ago, and if you think all those big baby bumps on Instagram are a coincidence, think again. Tis’ the season for birthing, which is right at the tail end of the busy season at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix.

“The months of September, October and Novemeber,” says Clinical Nurse Specialist Christina Tussey. Tussey displayed a graph showing a major uptick in mother’s giving birth during those months at banner University Medical Center. “Nine months later we have a little bump in the birth rate,” Tussey says.

Banner University does see a spike in births on nights when monsoon storms roll through the valley, citing a change in barometric pressure. There are also some people who believe a full moon sends women into labor quickly, yet there’s no scientific research to back up that claim.

Kevin Varni and his wife Marta know business is going to pick up at their store Beaus and Belles during the Fall. “People don’t necessarily count back the months or the time. They just say ‘oh here’s the due date and that’s what they go off of.’ Then they kind of realize wait a minute, let’s do the math here,” Varini says.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, local hospitals are celebrating the birth of babies born from a Super Bowl Celebration. According to NBC10 in Philadelphia, Lankenau hospital has a “Welcome Super Bowl babies!” sign for new parents to take pictures with after delivery.

So welcome to the world little ones, just be glad you don’t know how to count backwards yet…