SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Talking Stick Resort and Casino is set to reopen Monday after a major flood closed the casino in August.

The casino was evacuated Aug. 11 after a major monsoon storm flooded the lower levels, cutting power to the games and the lights.

"Everything totally went black," casino spokesman Ramon Martinez said.

Martinez said the water came from the east side of the resort, flooding the golf course, the pool area and the convention center level.

But the main problem was in a basement level that houses the power distribution systems.

"There was eight feet of water in there," Martinez said. "It totally destroyed those units."

And, Martinez said, those units have to be custom built, which took weeks.

While the casino was shut down, casino officials took the opportunity to do major upgrades that would be almost impossible if the casino was open, like replacing large sections of flooring and carpet and renovating the table games.

Talking Stick will reopen September 24.