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5 strategies to share with parents to prevent hot car deaths

On average 37 kids die in hot cars every year in the U.S. Here are five tips to make sure children are safe in the car.

An average of 37 kids die in hot cars every year in the U.S. It happened in Arizona this week when a baby girl was found in a hot car and couldn't be revived.

A children's activist with the national organization Kids in Cars, Dawn Peabody, shared five tips to make sure your children travel safely in hot weather.

Peabody became an activist in 2008 after she lost her daughter to vehicular heat stroke.

#1. Take off your shoe
Peabody says get in the habit of removing your left shoe and putting it in the back seat every time you drive. She said you might forget a cell phone or a purse, but you won't forget your shoe.

#2. Use a stuffed animal
Put the stuffed animal in the car seat and move it to the passenger seat when you're driving with your child. Peabody said you can also put it in your lap as an even better reminder.

#3. Download a free app
Apps like Backseat or Kars 4 Kids are free. They track time and distance away from your car and will alert you if you may have left your child inside for too long.

#4. Buy a car seat alarm
Alarms link to car seat straps and can sync to your smartphone or a fob. They will alarm if the car seat clip has not been unhooked. Most cost between $60-$100.

#5. Buy a newer car
Some newer cars like GMC come with backseat alerts. Similar to an open door alert, an alarm will sound if you leave something heavy in the back seat.

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