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5 secrets to saving money and energy on AC issues

Check out the secrets to saving time, money and energy within your home.

It's the hottest week of the summer, so your air conditioning unit is probably working overtime. And that'll come out of your pocket.

Mike Donley of Donley Service Center gave us these five tips to help you save money and avoid unnecessary service calls to help you beat the heat:

1. Don't crank the thermostat

If you ramp up the AC in short intervals, it can be a significant strain on your compressor.

2. Try the circuit breaker

If your unit is out, it could be an electricity issue rather than an air conditioning issue. Check your breaker box and try a reset.

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3. Give it a couple minutes

If you make a change and don't see immediate effects, take a deep breath and wait a minute or two. That can be hard when you're sweating it out, but it could save you from having to call for a pricey repair.

4. Keep the area around ground units clear

In addition to being a good safety practice, clearing the area of units can help your air conditioner run at maximum capacity.

5. Don't forget to check the filter

A dirty filter can keep your AC unit from functioning at full capacity and may also cause flooding into your home if there's clogging in the unit or in drain pipes.

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