TEMPE, Ariz. - Tempe police are searching for two men caught on camera stealing five French bulldog puppies from the Animal Kingdom store inside Arizona Mills.

Three out of the five puppies had already been sold and were waiting to go home. The store's marketing manager said the dogs are valued at $6,300 each.

"She was very special. We loved everything about her. Her color, her temperament," said Louie Peraza.

The Peraza family lost their French bulldog last year and were finally ready to get a new one. They fell in love with a blue Frenchie and named her Gwen. They were set to take her home on Tuesday.

"We would come every other day to visit her," said Holly Peraza.

Then, they got the devastating call. Their newest family member, along with four other French bulldog puppies, was stolen in the middle of the night.

Tempe police say two men, caught on surveillance video, broke into the store with a large trash can.

"They were able to remove the French bulldog puppies and place them inside the trash can and then they left the store," said Tempe PD Det. Liliana Duran.

Chris and Teresa Kriaris, who were planning on bringing home a puppy on Monday, said all of the dogs have microchips.

"So that means whoever out there, if somebody's trying to sell you a French bulldog, once you take it to the vet or a place and it gets found it's going to be found out that they are stolen," Chris Kriaris said.

Two of the puppies have medical problems and are supposed to be taking regular medication.

Animal Kingdom is offering a $1,000 reward for the safe return of the puppies.