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2 men stung by 'killer bees,' 1 still in the hospital

Scottsdale firefighters say one victim was stung more than 100 times.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A man was stung more than 100 times after walking too close to a beehive in Scottsdale. He’s now in the hospital with injuries of unknown severity. 

Steve Gluskin was also stung by the same cluster of bees when trying to help the victim. He said he got out of his car when he saw the other man scrambling on the ground near Raintree Drive and 87th Street, but he didn’t realize what he was walking into.

“The minute I got out of the car, I started getting attacked,” said Gluskin. “All of a sudden it just attacked me on my face. I thought I hit a tree.”

Once Gluskin was attacked, he could no longer get to the other victim.

“He was thrashing around and finally he just lost consciousness,” said Gluskin. 

Gluskin managed to make it out of the area with about a dozen stings.

Firefighters used protective gear to get to the men so they wouldn’t get stung. After the men were taken to a hospital, a bee exterminator removed the hive from the sewer and sprayed the area with foam to kill the remaining bees.

One bee exterminator in the Valley said that even small hives can be dangerous.

“A small hive can have 40,000 bees,” said 'Scott the Bee Man'. He said more situations like these are likely to happen until October because fall is bee season.

Scott said if you come across a hive, don’t linger in the same spot.

“As soon as the bees start stinging it’s time to leave, and it’s time to leave fast. And don’t stop,” said Scott.

Bee experts said Africanized bees, most common in Arizona,  are among the most aggressive species. During the fall, they become defensive to protect their nectar.

Gluskin still can’t believe what happened.

“It feels lucky,” said Gluskin.

But he hopes the other man can walk out of the hospital too.

“I just hope he pulls through. It was a horrible experience,” said Gluskin.

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