From A to Z, 12 News is featuring Arizona's must-eat restaurants in a month-long series of tasty adventures.

Today's "must eats" letter is “I.” So Team 12’s Monica Garcia headed to Ingo’s Tasty Food in Phoenix to show us a culinary side to “curb appeal.”

Located at 4502 N. 40th Street, you ‘ll instantly notice Ingo's circular design -- which is all about efficiency.

General Manager Laura Spencer said the entire restaurant is just 800 square feet -- about the size of a small apartment. But that small space, well, they’ve got it down to a science. They know how to make the most of it.

“We definitely send the food out quickly," Spencer said. "It’s for anyone’s time schedule, you can sit and hang out at the counter, watch the show, the kitchen is the center piece and it’s fun to watch the cooks."

Behind the burners there’s Chef Alex who cooks up hundreds of grass-fed ground beef burgers, chopped salads and house chips daily.

One of the most talked about items on the menu is actually free, freshly baked chocolate chip sea salt cookies.

So if you do not have time to take in the view on the inside -- you can always just walk up and take some of Ingo's delicious food to go.

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