PHOENIX - The sound of freedom rang out at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in far north Phoenix on Monday. According to organizers of the "1000 Man Shoot," a thousand gun and shooting enthusiasts picked up very special Henry .22 caliber rifles and fired two celebratory shots.

"They're only going to fire two shots, so it's going to be over very quickly," Anthony Imperato, owner of Henry Repeating Arms said.

But they'll be two shots those lucky enough to participate will never forget, he added.

Those who lined up, shoulder-to-shoulder to take their shot said one would be made in defense of "our Second Amendment rights." And the second bullet would be for a world record attempt at simultaneous target shooting.

"To fire for our Second Amendments rights, you can't explain a better feeling," Melissa Howe, from Martinsburg, West Virginia said.

Organizers say the sale of the rifles used in "The 1000 Man Shoot" is expected to raise $1 million for the National Rifle Association, and they expect to earn their world record, too.