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Twisted murder plot lands wife in prison

Victim's mother lambastes plotting wife during sentencing in superior court Friday
Michelle Gibson

A Peoria woman will spend the rest of her life in the Arizona Department of Corrections prison system for the 2013 killing of her husband.

Michelle Gibson, 43, was convicted of first degree murder and conspiracy in what prosecutors called a twisted murder plot where she elicited her son and two teenage boys to carry out his murder.

She also enlisted the aid of her teenage daughter in disposing of the body. Gibson's body was found in the family garage and a sobbing Michelle Gibson called 911 for help on March 1, 2013.

"There's blood everywhere."

911 Dispatcher: "Ok, do you know what happened to him?"


Gibson would later contend her husband, Steven Gibson Sr., 39, was a domestic abuser and she was in fear for her life.

Court records revealed Gibson had accused her husband of domestic violence and Gibson Sr. was facing aggravated assault charges at the time of his death.

Steven Gibson Jr., his mother, Michelle, her daughter Alysa and Eric McBee were all arrested in 2013 after Steven Gibson Sr. was found dead in the family's garage, records show.

Court documents in the case also showed, Michelle offered McBee and another teenager $2,000 to carry out the murder. The other teenager never came back.

Charlene Gibson, the victim's mother was in court Friday during Michelle Gibson's sentencing hearing. Charlene Gibson told 12 News, "You don't know people, you don't know anybody," when referring to her daughter-in-law she'd known for more than two decades.

Gibson said she didn't think Michelle was capable of doing this to her husband saying, she was Steven's "sunshine" and that he loved his kids very much.

Charlene Gibson only had venomous words for Michelle Gibson calling her a "coward" because she couldn't commit the crime herself and instead manipulated her son, daughter and others into participating in the plot, execution of the plot and subsequent killing.

Steven Gibson was allegedly beaten with a bat by McBee while he slept, stabbed three times in the chest by his own son, Steven Jr. and then McBee allegedly slit his throat, according to the police report.

Michelle Gibson did not speak during court Friday morning. She had some supporters in the gallery but they chose not to publicly address the judge and speak on her behalf.

Charlene Gibson says she hopes Michelle will now know the pain they've dealt with for the last few years since her son's murder. She even went so far as to say, "I sure would like to send Michelle a nice card saying welcome to your new home," a reference to prison. She further added, "I hope she lives a long, long, long life in there."

Last year Michelle Gibson's son Steven Jr. pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for killing his father and hindering prosecution and was sentenced to 22-years in prison. The others are awaiting trial.