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Sacramento man who shook hands, took knee with officer during protest says it 'symbolizes strength'

"We feel like you guys are always against, attacking us and brutalizing us," Robinson said to officers just before he shook hands and took a knee with one.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — A Sacramento Police officer took shook hands, hugged and took a knee with a young man who was protesting against police violence on Sunday, the third consecutive day of demonstrations over the death of George Floyd.

Eric Robinson, 23, was walking with a small group of demonstrators near K and 7th streets peacefully protesting and facing off against about a dozen police officers.

"We feel like you guys are always against, attacking us and brutalizing us," Robinson said to the officers just before the display of solidarity.

In a seemingly organic moment during the tense scene, Robinson, who was a part of that group who held signs that read "no justice, no peace" walked up to an officer and asked him to take a knee with him in solidarity.

Robinson, a young Black man from South Sacramento, and the officer shook hands, hugged and took a knee as the rest of the protesters cheered on.

The video, which was captured during a live ABC10 broadcast and reposted on social media, has since been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Robinson said the display of solidarity by a Sacramento Police officer was very important.

"I feel like that symbolizes strength, that symbolizes that not all police officers are killers and murderers, you know," Robinson said. "They don't think that over power, you know. Some officers follow the law."

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