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500 California National Guard troops in Sacramento as city prepares to enforce citywide curfew

About 500 California National Guard troops began arriving in Sacramento on Monday to assist the city and county of Sacramento "in protecting key infrastructure."

SACRAMENTO, Calif — After discussing the effects of looting and vandalism follow three nights of protests, the Sacramento City Council announced that it would enforce a citywide curfew beginning at 8 p.m.

The curfew was being discussed between Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and law enforcement with plans for implementation “before it gets dark” Monday night.

The citywide curfew, which is from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., will remain in effect until the city council or the Director of Emergency Services lifts it.

Steinberg spoke with reporters Monday morning about the proposal in downtown Sacramento as owners, employees, and volunteers worked again to clean up vandalized and looted businesses. 

“Today, given what we’ve seen over these last 48 hours, we take that next step, we call for a curfew, and if nothing else, I think it will reduce the overall numbers of people on the street and make the overall situation that much easier to manage.”

About 500 California National Guard troops began arriving in Sacramento on Monday to assist the city and county of Sacramento "in protecting key infrastructure" following days of protests, vandalism and looting.

The National Guard troops are expected to add an even more imposing force to local law enforcement around Sacramento, the soldiers do not have the authority to arrest citizens. Any arrests made are up to local police and deputies.

Earlier in the day, Steinberg said that he was in contact with Gov. Gavin Newsom about possibly bringing the national guard into the city, but would not say if they would.

“I’m not saying a decision has been made to call in the National Guard. I am saying that I want to make sure that our city has that available tool at the ready in case…it would help,” Steinberg said.

The curfew is expected to apply to everyone except for first responders, the National Guard, essential workers, and the news media. 

The city said that business will need to close once the curfew goes into effect, but they are able to sustain operations and have employees go to and from work.

The city is expected to announce that law enforcement are "authorized and charged, to the extent provided by law, with the responsibility of enforcing this curfew and are further authorized to arrest persons that do not obey this curfew after due notice, oral or written, has been given to that person."

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