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Port Arthur nurse connecting baby formula donors with those in need as shortage continues

She's hoping to provide a safe place where people can donate and pick up baby formula.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Parents are struggling to find solutions as the baby formula shortage continues.

Until there is a permanent solution, Southeast Texans are coming together to help each other out.

One Port Arthur nurse practitioner is hoping to provide a safe place where people can donate and pick up baby formula.

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Out of desperation, parents are getting creative with how they are getting their hands-on baby formula and people are stepping up to connect those in need with the formula they need.

A Southeast Texas nurse practitioner is now hoping to provide a solution to a national problem.

"I'm sure everyone knows that there's a shortage and there are some issues with getting formula," said Sarah Dubose, a family nurse practitioner at Children's Health Center in Port Arthur.

Dubose opened her practice for a safe trading place.

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"We offered here to have donations be brought to us and then we can make it a safe place for people to meet and kind of swapped out formula, but if they want to just donate it and then we find what they need and bring it to, give it to them when they come here," DuBose said.

DuBose said the idea came to her when she saw other practitioners doing similar things in other states.

"I put the message out on Sunday evening,” DuBose said. “And that night, I had like 30 texts, and then by Monday evening, I had like 66 texts with people looking for formula."

Needless to say, the demand is high.

"It's taken me two weeks just to find two containers," said Beaumont mom Daisy Salinas.

Salinas shared her struggle to find baby formula with 12News.

"5-10 miles radius of our house, there's probably like 10 of them and we went to each of them and we couldn't find any formula," Salinas said

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That's why DuBose decided to step in.

"Right now, we're kind of running low on supply just like everywhere else," Dubose said. "We're hoping that maybe people have stuff at home that they would like to donate or they just don't know what to do with it."

Dubose said although her kids are too old for formula, she knows the stress parents are under without the right supplies.

"It keeps me up at night, stresses me out because these are our babies, so we want to make sure they're fed,” Dubose said.

If you'd like to sign up for the available formula, you can text your name and what you need to (409) 658-5663.

If you'd like to donate, you can go to the Children's Health Center and drop it off during business hours.

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