ST. LOUIS — A woman visiting St. Louis had her rental car broken into and her pet bird stolen in St. Louis’ Downtown West neighborhood over the weekend.

Caitlyn Byrne was visiting her friends and family in St. Louis. On Saturday, she went into the City Museum and when she came out, she found her rental car had been broken into near 16th and Delmar.

Byrne said whoever broke into her rental car took a ton of her personal property, but most importantly they took her beloved pet named Finn. She said he responds to ‘bad baby.’

‘He was so special to me and a member of the family. I took him with me on his first road trip and he loved riding in the car and doesn't like to be separated from me. I parked just outside the City museum for only about an hour and he had food and water and his blanket over the cage even to keep him nice and warm and concealed, in a well lit, public street but someone still managed to smash the window and steal him. They didn't even take his food or his cage. Just him,’ Byrne wrote on Facebook.

Byrne said she contacted police when it happened and tried to file a report, but they told her they weren’t going to send anyone to the scene.

A spokesperson for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said Byrne reported the incident on Nov. 25 and it was handled by their ‘telephone reporting unit.’

The investigation is ongoing.

“I was just saying to my wife before we got back to the car that saint Louis was one of my new favorite cities, up until then we had been having a wonderful time,” Byrne said.

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