PHOENIX — Driving a big rig is a big deal for 16-year-old Tommy—even if it was just for 50 feet or so.

“I’ve never driven an actual vehicle before,” Tommy says with a smile as wide as a tractor-trailer.

After a ride around the neighborhood in the cab of a semi-truck, Tommy drove the rig slowly across the parking lot of Southwest Truck Driver Training in Phoenix with instructor Adam Chambliss beside him.

“I had a death grip on the steering wheel,” Tommy says, breaking into a laugh. “That was legitimately awesome.”

Tommy has long been interested in big rigs and can rattle off the names and specs of the trucks that haul cargo across the country. He is even considering being a professional driver when he is an adult.

When not dreaming of the open road, Tommy says he likes to go for long walks and “chill” while watching television.

“Tommy has the best sense of humor…that Adult Swim, Comedy Central brand of humor,” says Jen, a child-specific adoption recruiter.

Tommy is an easy-going teen who craves structure and consistency in a forever family, Jen says.

“Tommy really wants a mom or two moms,” Jen says.

He also wants a king-size bed.

“I’m 6 feet 2 inches and a twin bed isn’t cutting it,” he says.

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