PHOENIX, Ariz. - Sixteen-year-old Nasia is a great candidate for big sister.

“Nasia does amazing with younger children,” says Brianna Rossi, a child-specific adoption recruiter with Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK).

She is very loving and nurturing with younger children, Rossi adds.

“For example, she loves to greet her foster sister at the door after school,” Rossi says.

Like a lot of teens, Nasia’s attention sometimes flits about, so it was fitting she chose to draw a butterfly during a lesson with artist and educator Kyllan Maney at the Mesa Arts Center.

Together, the two worked with colored pencils to draw a colorful butterfly on a Shrinky Dinks sheet, a plastic sheet that shrinks and thickens into a hardened plastic plate when baked in a toaster oven.

Nasia has a moderate cognitive disability and her focus does sometime wander, says Rossi.

“But, if you say to her, ‘I need help with this,’ she is happy to pitch right in,” Rossi says.

“Nasia really enjoys school,” Rossi says. “She loves routine.”

At home, Nasia loves playing card games and piecing puzzles together. She has recently become intrigued while playing with magnets. Nasia also loves watching DVDs, says Rossi.

Nasia also likes playing softball.

Nasia would do best in a forever home of any family composition, Rossi says, as long as there is a strong mother figure.

“Nasia will need care long term and she will need a family there to support her for the long term,” Rossi says.

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