Most teens would be happy to dine on burgers, pizza and chips.

But, 13-year-old Luis isn’t like most teens.

“I really like fruit,” Luis says. “It’s my favorite thing to eat.”

He especially likes mangoes and strawberries. And he is always eager to wolf down a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

But his favorite creatures on display at Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park in Litchfield Park are decidedly meat-eaters. Luis had education curator Lauren Finnerty take him straight to the jaguars and mountain lions.

“I liked the mountain lion,” Luis says after his tour. “It was very big and beautiful.”

Luis says he likes to play video games “and hang out outside and play sports.” His favorite spot to play is soccer.

And while he enjoys time off during the summer, Luis says he is looking forward to going back to school in August.

“I am very good at math and figuring out the different equations and stuff,” he says.

Luis needs an active family with experience in foster care or adoption, says youth advocate James Patton.

“Luis would thrive in a family as the only child,” Patton says.

“Luis has never been camping but he has always wanted to go, so an active family that could make that happen would be great,” Patton says.

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