It wasn’t all that long ago that 8-year-old Jose Luis taught himself to ride a bicycle with the training wheels off. And he hasn’t logged that many miles since.

But, here he is tackling the hills and banked curves of the Goodyear BMX Raceway. He isn’t tearing it up, mind you, despite the coaching of Paul Moore. But you definitely have to give him an A for effort.

That sort of enthusiasm is typical for Jose Luis, says child advocate James Patton, who is trying to match the boy with a forever family.

“Jose Luis is a great kid,” Patton says. “He loves trying new things.”

Jose Luis says he loves playing at the splash pad at a nearby city park and visits to larger water parks with water slides and other ways of getting wet.

When he is chilling indoors, Jose Luis likes to watch the classic cartoon “Tom & Jerry.” He is also a big fan of napping.

“It helps you calm down,” he says.

Jose Luis enjoys school and is already looking forward to returning to class. He will be in the fourth grade this school year.

“I like math, science and reading,” Jose Luis says, adding that he especially likes doing projects in science class, like the time the students got to make custom-colored slime.

Patton says Jose Luis would thrive as an only child in a home with high-energy parents. He would also do well as the only child of a single parent.

“The family best suited for Jose Luis would provide him with a lot of structure and routine,” Patton says.

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