King of Pop Michael Jackson lives on in the practiced dance moves of 10-year-old Jorge.

Jackson, who died just before Jorge turned three, remains an idol for Jorge.

“I wish I was the second Michael Jackson,” he says.

And it’s not idle talk. Jorge loves to dance and spends hours practicing the signature moves of Jackson -- including the moonwalk. He was a rapt student during a private dance lesson with instructor Alicia Norzagaray at Arizona Dance Studio in Chandler.

Jorge also likes to perform rap songs.

“I’ve been writing rap lyrics since I was nine and I wrote because I’ve always wanted to be a rapper,” he says. “Sometimes I write about my family and sports at school and my friends.”

“I like to make people laugh so I can make new friends,” he says.

The dancing, rapping and joking make Jorge an entertaining kid, said James Patton, a youth advocate with Christian Family Care.

“He loves to make people laugh and he likes to be the center of attention,” Patton said.

Because he likes to be the center of attention, Jorge would thrive as an only child in a two-parent household with a stay-at-home parent, Patton said.

Jorge “responds well to incentives and positive reinforcement,” Patton added.

Jorge will be going into the sixth grade and loves going to class.

“I like school because I love math, I love reading, I love science,” Jorge said. “If I didn’t love school I wouldn’t get a degree or I wouldn’t go to college for learning.”

Jorge said his goal is to attend Arizona State University and being part of a forever family will help him with that.

“I would like a forever family that cares about me and loves me and helps me achieve my goals.”

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