Jesus is a typical high school kid. He likes football, video games and hanging out with friends.

“I’m pretty chill,” he says.

Jesus is quiet and soft-spoken, but not necessarily shy.

“He likes to go to the park, jump into a pick-up basketball game and make friends,” says James Schlemmer, a youth advocate with Christian Family Care.

“Jesus is really into gaming and technology,” Schlemmer adds, “and he likes the community that comes with gaming, as well.”

Jesus’ sense of adventure is on display during a behind-the-scenes visit to the Phoenix Zoo guided by Nicole Grosser. Jesus calmly let a tawny frogmouth – an Australian bird that looks something like an owl – perch on his arm while he fed it by hand.

That sense of adventure is also behind the 15-year-old’s love of hiking. His favorite local hiking spot is Papago Park.

Jesus is in the 10th grade and “generally gets good grades,” Schlemmer says.

“He has plans for college,” Schlemmer says.

Jesus says he would like a forever family that includes a mom and dad, and siblings about his age.

“It would be nice to have somebody to talk to if I need someone to talk to,” says Jesus.

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