Ever know one of those people who always seem to be happy? Who always beams a smile?

Twelve-year-old Evan is one of those people.

While she has limitations with speech, her joy, curiosity and sense of wonder come through loud and clear while working on a painting with art instructor and studio owner Barbara Becker at Art for Fun studio in central Phoenix.

Evan studiously follow’s Becker’s instruction, excited to be learning.

“Evan is like a little shining light,” says Jen, a child specific adoption recruiter.

The pre-teen finds delight in trips to the mall and playing tag in the park, Jen says. She also likes doing art projects and learning dance moves from YouTube videos.

“She loves dress up,” Jen says. “Hair and makeup, all the girly stuff.”

Evan has developmental delays and communicates with a combination of speech, sign language and use of an iPad-like device.

“The progress she has made in the last two years is phenomenal,” Jen says.

Evan says she would be happy in a family with a single mother, but Jen adds that Evan’s easy-going nature would make her a good fit in almost any family.

“It’s really important that Evan has a forever family that is open to her staying in contact with her three siblings,” says Jen.

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