Nine-year-old Emily likes to be goofy at times and a good time to be goofy is when you’re bouncing on a trampoline.

But soaring from a springboard may be the high point for Emily as instructor Jennifer Marsaw shows her around the Arizona Sunrays gym in Phoenix.

The afternoon in the gym brings a smile to Emily’s face because she loves to be active.

“Emily is into swimming, bike riding, coloring and drawing – anything that keeps her active,” says child advocate James Patton, who is trying to match the girl with a forever family.

Emily loves oatmeal and strawberries for breakfast and ice cream cones…well…anytime.

Emily is in the third grade and has made great strides in reading, thanks, in part, to a special connection with her teacher, Patton says.

“Emily wants any family interested in her to know that she is good at cleaning and organizing her room,” Patton says with a smile.

Emily loves being the center of attention, Patton says, adding that “the best family for Emily would be a two-parent household where she would be the only child.”

Patton says Emily needs parents who are experienced with children in foster care and have the patience to adjust to the “high days and low days” of caring for a child who has experienced trauma.

“She needs parents who will meet her where she is at and let her be a kid,” Patton says.

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