Demetre greets the world with unbridled joy.

“He is very loving and outgoing,” said Jessica Lake, a youth advocate with Arizona’s Children Association. “He treats every stranger as a friend.”

And the energetic 9-year-old is always on the move.

“Demetre enjoys jumping on his trampoline,” said Lake. “He enjoys being outdoors at the park.”

Demetre loves taking part in group activities such as going to a baseball game or a car show, said foster parent Carlos Guzman.

Demetre also likes coloring and watching television shows such as “Yo Gaba Gaba” and “Teletubbies.”

Demetre thrives on one-on-one attention, Guzman said.

Lake said that Demetre would fit in a family of any size as long as there are two parents “because he has so much energy, it can be a lot for one person to manage.” He needs a family that can provide structure and routine, she adds.

Demetre has developmental delays and benefits from the specialized instruction of a self-contained classroom.

“Demetre would offer a family love and affection,” Lake said.

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