Thirteen-year-old Camren wants to be part of a team.

That is one reason he loves playing football. And it’s why he is eager to join a forever family.

“Camren has a strong desire to be adopted and wishes to be part of a family,” says Ashleigh Pierce of Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK).

Camren is “very outgoing and very athletic,” says Daniel Curtis, a youth and family specialist working with Camren.

That athleticism was on display as Lori Price, owner of Flip Dunk Sports, guided Camren through the gym’s parkour course.

“Camren loves video games, loves his cell phone, likes to talk to girls,” Curtis says. “He is a regular teen.”

Camren is in the eighth grade and enjoys school, where he has a lot of friends.

“My friends would describe me as fun and happy,” Camren says.

Camren says his favorite foods include ceviche, pepperoni pizza, hamburgers, and ramen.

Curtis says Camren would do well in almost any family situation – single parent, two parents, no siblings, older siblings.

“I want a family that is active and is willing to be there for me,” Camren says.

And if a dog is part of the family, that would be great, Camren adds.

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